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Reimagining healthcare for an evolving world

Because every life deserves healthcare that truly cares. With that motto in mind, we set about bringing together top-of-the-industry doctors, cutting-edge facilities, and ‘putting the care back in healthcare’. Life Medical Centres are part of Life Group’s healthcare vanguard. At any Life Medical Centre, you can expect to be taken care of, without a second thought.

From self-check-in kiosks for seamless visits, concierge assistance, play areas for kids, and minimized wait times – we’re constantly asking ourselves how we can transform your healthcare experience for the better. We believe in treating every patient like we treat family.

Medical and clinical excellence, for all

Our doctors are leading their fields into a new age of medicine with their global experience. Their expertise and experience have allowed them to save lives and change futures, every day. The staff and allied health professionals at Life bring their decades of experience and acumen to work so that we offer only the best care at Life.

Each Life staff member has had extensive on-ground experience in tackling and solving a vast number of medical challenges. From preventative care to treatment, our patient-centered approach strives to take healthcare as you know it, to the next level.

Trusted Healthcare for You & Your Family

At Life Medical Centre and Clinics: We take pride in our remarkable staff who are committed to providing top-notch medical services and ensuring a satisfactory experience for our patients. We specialize in delivering exceptional healthcare services that cater to your specific needs and requirements, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and patient care. Trust us to provide you with the best possible healthcare experience.

UAE’s premier healthcare ecosystem began in a single unit

It all began 26 years ago. In 1996, all we had was one single pharmacy unit and the single-minded dream to build UAE’s premier healthcare network. Guided by our tradition of ingenuity and innovation, we’ve been able to meet and go beyond the consumer’s needs to serve the communities we operate in. Today, with over 300 units, Life Group is UAE’s largest pharmacy retail chain. It humbles us to know that Life Healthcare Group is one of the largest healthcare retailers in the UAE with cross-vertical medical services.

Life Clinics and Life Medical Centres further strengthen our resolve as we become UAE’s go-to healthcare destination. As industry leaders, it is up to us to constantly push the envelope and set a new standard for global healthcare in UAE. To that end, we’re determined to usher in a dynamic shift in the healthcare ecosystem by making it more accessible, affordable, and sustainable. Introducing walk-in consultations at Life Clinics has made us the right choice for many looking for quick and accessible healthcare advice from global doctors.

On the other hand, at our comprehensive Life Medical Centres, one can expect state-of-the-art service accompanied by extreme attention to detail and holistic care. As the region’s preeminent healthcare network, we’re able to make a positive impact at every stage of our patients’ lives. Life Group is creating a bright new future for healthcare – one that prioritizes your health above all else. We’re with you on a journey to beautiful living as we welcome you to a healthcare ecosystem that cares about you first.

Why Choose LIFE?

  • We offer the latest technology and equipment.

  • Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced doctors

  • We, ensure high standards of care.

  • Our doctors have completed extensive training at the highest level in their fields.

  • We have 25+ years of valuable experience and trust in the healthcare industry.

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