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    At Life Medical Center, we offer unparalleled care for a wide range of endocrine disorders. Our doctors are renowned experts and researchers in the field of endocrinology, ensuring that our patients receive the most advanced and comprehensive treatments available in the region.

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    Spectrum of Endocrinology Services

    The endocrine system relates to glands such as the pituitary, and adrenal glands and the hormones they produce. Any kind of imbalance can result in changed patterns and other, more serious symptoms that wreak havoc on bodily systems and functions.

    This includes weight gain, high blood pressure, problems with sleep, and mood swings among others. To regulate these disorders and return the patients back to a healthy lifestyle, our doctors work round the clock to draw up holistic treatment plans based on regular testing, diagnosis self-management, support, and education.

    Some of the most common disorders we treat include (but aren’t limited to) diabetes, thyroid disorders, endocrine cancers and tumors, metabolic disorders, obesity, osteoporosis, pituitary disorders, and adrenal disorders. Supported by cutting-edge technology, our doctors are able to assess most conditions rather quickly and devise treatment plans for all individuals based on their lifestyles and conditions. 

    When to consult your Life Endocrinologist

    Your hormone network determines your everyday health. Any imbalance can affect you in a significant manner causing issues such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and changes in sleep, mood, and behavior. This means that your body’s ability to protect against diseases like diabetes can also be affected.

    If you have symptoms of an endocrine disorder, our board-certified, field-leading endocrinologist can help. If you’re tackling diabetes or another chronic endocrinology issue, such as thyroid or adrenal disorders, bone metabolism or osteoporosis, or endocrine disorders related to fertility or reproduction – visit your nearest LIFE Medical Centre immediately.

    In the case that your primary care physician suspects a hormonal disorder, they will refer you to a highly-qualified endocrinologist at LIFE. Some popular endocrinological conditions include diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, adrenal disorders, insulin-induced hypoglycemia with severe neurologic injury following gastric surgery, or ingestion of large doses of long-acting insulins. In any case – a major or minor event – your LIFE endocrinologist will see to it that you receive the best care, straight away. 

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