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21 years
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Dr. Sanoop is a highly regarded Specialist Endodontist with over 21 years of experience. In particular, he’s lauded for his expertise in successfully executing high-end aesthetic restorations, endodontic procedures, veneers, crowns and bridges, extractions, teeth whitening, inhalation sedation, soft tissue laser treatments, TMD and other oral facial pain diagnosis and treatment and periodontal treatment for gum disease. He’s worked in almost every emirate in UAE and is an expert in diagnosing tooth pain and performing treatments to save diseased and injured teeth. Dr. Sanoop follows both non-surgical and surgical approaches using bioactive and biomimetic materials. He excels in patient care which includes Oral education with post-operative explanations, assessments, diagnosis, and treatment planning, as well as the establishment, and maintenance of overall oral health. As a senior doctor, he remains committed to providing dental care in its most holistic form. His passion guides his approach and he’s always curious and keen to communicate more effectively.


  • Dr Sanoop has over 21 years of experience
  • Graduated Bachelor's in Dental Surgery from MGR Medical University and a Master's in Dental Surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University, India.
  • Completed his Ph.D. in Alternate Medicine from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines with a Specialization in Incidence and effect of Diet on Fluorosis in Children
  • Completed his Master’s in Health Care Administration from the University of Atlanta, USA
  • Dental specialist and Dental team Lead at Janson’s medical Centre [Dec 2005 – Mar 2008]
  • Dental Specialist and Faculty - Clinical HOD at DHA Dental Clinic [Nov 2008 – Aug 2011]
  • Dental Specialist and Faculty - Clinical HOD at MOH Dental Clinic [Aug 2011 - July 2017]
  • Assistant Professor at the Endodontic Department at RAK College of Dental Sciences [Sept 2017 - May 2021]
  • Dental specialist and Endodontist, HOD at RAK Hospital [Dec 2017 - Dec 2019]
  • Dental specialist - Endodontist at Dr. Pauls Dental clinic in Dubai [Aug 2021 - Aug 2022]
  • Currently pursuing his Diplomate/Fellowship in Orofacial pain/Neuro Muscular Dentistry from Roseman University, USA
  • Holds a Mastership in Lasers from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy)


  • Awarded ‘Best Graduating Student’ - College of Dental Sciences, Department of Conservative dentistry, and Endodontics
  • Awarded ‘Best Graduating Student’- Federation of Operative Dentistry of India and Indian Endodontic Society
  • Certified Swiss Dental Academy Instructor (EMS SYSTEM), Swiss Dental Academy, Nyon
  • Certified Kerr Endodontics Trainer “Train the trainer” Course from Barcelona
  • Certified Laser Safety Officer, University of Bonn, Radolfzell
  • Certified Inman Aligner specialist on Alignment, Bonding, and Bleaching from the USA
  • Certified Trainer for Techno Gaz, Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation from Italy
  • Certified Trainer in Cosmetic Dentistry from the International Academy of Dental Education from Schaan in Liechtenstein